Tee Reservations

This page will detail any tee restrictions in the coming week as a result of competitions, matches, society, corporate or charity days. Times below are subject to change. With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies are now in operation. PLEASE NOTE ! During the period November through to March, due to the shortage of daylight hours, all friendly matches commence play from the 1st tee only from > 1-30pm onwards. On Competition days days please follow the notice board displayed in front of the pro-shop. Thank you for your co-operation.

Winter rules are in operation.

Please adhere to the following Guidelines.
(1) All members must adhere to the 2-metre physical distancing rule.
(2) Two- metre markings will be applied leading to the the 1st tee, and the holding area will return to the 10th tee.
(3) There will be no gatherings in the car park or outside the clubhouse.

Enjoy your golf and thank you for your co-operation.


FRIDAY 5th March.
Mixed Foursomes ( Stableford )
1st tee res > Am / 10:45am
10th tee res > Am / 12:15pm
1st tee res > 11:30pm / 1:45pm
10th tee res > 1/15pm - Onwards.
All friendly matches please follow
notice board displayed in front 
of pro-shop.

SATURDAY 6th March.
Le Masurier trophy &
Balleine cup.
Course Closed until 1st tee only 
open from > 2:00pm
Tee bookings required 
from > 2:00pm - onwards.

SUNDAY 7th March.
No tee Restrictions.


MONDAY 8th March.
No tee Restrictions.

TUESDAY 9th March.
No tee Restrictions.

WEDNESDAY 10th March.
No tee Restrictions.

THURSDAY 11th March.
No tee Restrictions.

FRIDAY 12th March.
No tee Restrictions.

SATURDAY 13th March.
No tee Restrictions.

SUNDAY 14th March.
No tee Restrictions.


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05.03.2021 10:36
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Course open with no restrictions. Drop zone at 16th in play. Please sign in on PSI for competition before commencing play. If only doing a Casual Round please sign in on the sign in PSI in the Pro Shop before commencing round. Hire buggy ban lifted. Please follow instructions from on duty course ranger. Thank you for you co-operation.